Playvo Development Ltd is a small but focused development house for games, embedded devices, firmware programming and development tools with more than 25 years' experience in delivering products to the marketplace.

In that time our programming team have created embedded solutions for a wide range of high street products including iPhone, Android, and custom embedded devices. Additionally Playvo has created a number of successful games for mainstream consoles and Windows PCs. These include Miuchiz, Saboteur, San Francisco Rush 2049, Shoot Out '97 and Total NBA'97.

Our experience began in the early days of popular computing where computers had little memory and very low resolution displays, and Atari-ST and Amiga's were common place. Products produced for these slow CPUs required compact and efficient software programmed in assembler and C. Playvo has evolved with the technology, and now deliver cutting edge solutions for embedded chips and mainstream computers, mobile devices and consoles.

Playvo's ethos is to work closely with the clients through all stages of the project. Ensuring the business vision for the product is realised into the marketplace. Our experience means we can provide invaluable feedback and assistance from the concept stage, through hardware selection, software development, down-costing the BOM, manufacturing testing, and delivering of the finished product.

The software team at Playvo has a talent for dealing with old & legacy source code, debugging and bug-prevention. Our bug-prevention system means that bugs and errors are identified efficiently and early in the development cycle, before they have time to manifest themselves into errors that cause catastrophic failure deep within the main project code. Through this robust approach we are able to maintain the project momentum towards final marketplace delivery.

We look forward to discussing how Playvo can develop solutions for your products, providing critical project development and\or tools to ensuring it is released on-time into the marketplace.

Chris Emsen (MD),
Playvo Development Ltd.